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Idyllic summer location

Explore the mystifying south Rhodes

Right above Vlycha Bay and its stunningly beautiful pebbly beach, lies Lindos Resort & Spa, an exclusive romantic hideaway surrounded by nature. The resort which sits on the island’s eastern coast, close to Lindos picturesque village, can be chosen for a peaceful intimate beach break, even though it is just a short drive away from one of Rhodes’ most famous locations.

Village of Lindos

One of the most mesmerizing places to visit on the island of Rhodes is the traditional village of Lindos. Built on the spot where the ancient Greek town once stood and right at the foot of its outstanding Acropolis, Lindos’ fascinating tapestry of rich history, multi ethnic culture and characteristic architecture, as well as its captivating charm, create a romantic, ethereal atmosphere so unique that will take your breath away.

Lindos has a number of high fashion stores, exclusive bars and romantic roof-top restaurants and it is regarded a must-visit culinary destination for exceptional food and candle lit dinners. The small beach under the Acropolis is a beautiful place where you can find golden sand and crystal-clear waters while the bay of Saint Paul is the epitome of island romance and unspoiled beauty, the spot where Apostle Paul began his missionary journey to spread Christianity throughout the world.


Vlycha Bay

A lovely beach with shallow, sandy waters, Vlycha Bay is a must visit for relaxing and safe swimming. The beautiful, pebbled beach is well-organised with sun loungers, umbrellas and water sports facilities. Guests of Lindos Village Resort have a reserved private spot, where you can enjoy the company of your significant other in peace, feel the sun’s caress and truly savor the relaxing energy of Greek summer.


Diagoras International Airport 49km

Village of Lindos 4km

Rhodes Town 45km

Rhodes Marina 45km

Port 50 km

Faliraki 32km

Afandou Golf Club 28km

Kallithea 30km

Seven Springs 24km

Valley of the Butterflies 51km

Ancient Town of Kamiros 54km

Filerimos 47km

Monolithos 46km

Filerimos 47km

Prassonissi 35 km

A sustainable haven of well-being

This multifaceted glorious island has countless attractions and popular as well as alternative holiday accommodation options that, combined with the extended and bright summers of Greece, the mild climate and its enormous historical past create a sustainable heaven of well-being for anyone who is looking for a holistic holiday experience.

An alluring outdoor museum with multi-ethnic touches

Throughout history, Rhodes has been inhabited already during the prehistoric era as findings and records show. During the 6th century BC, the island consisted of 3 mighty city-states, Lindos, Ialysos and Kamiros, and each had its own Acropolis as well as a noteworthy fleet. The 3 states later merged and formed the even mightier Rhodes state, a cultural, religious and economic hub that thrived for centuries.

Numerous conquerors tried to seize Rhodes and indeed some, such as the Romans, the Ptolemies and the Ottomans, managed to conquer it for a while but the ones that truly formed the island’s character were the Knights of the Order of Saint John.

Therefore, the Medieval Era of Rhodes is evident till this day on buildings, facilities and other structures. The monumental medieval city of the Knights is one of Europe’s best-preserved Old Towns, and a UNESCO World Heritage site, a colorful mosaic where you will find Hebrew synagogues, Muslim mosques and Christian churches, discover a lot of quaint little shops and boutiques, and also enjoy some delicious gelati and roof-top dinners under the stars.

The modern city of Rhodes is also an architectural wonder, as it manages to beautifully combine Italian, Greek, Ottoman and Venetian architecture in a breathtaking cosmopolitan scenery. Imposing buildings that face the endless blue sea create a majestic view ideal for morning shopping, afternoon strolls and evening drinks.

Rhodes attractions best-of

It can safely be said that the entire island of Rhodes is an attraction on itself. There is a great variety of sights, activities and experiences to enjoy.
The monumental Medieval Town of Rhodes, a perfectly maintained and populated medieval citadel and a UNESCO World Heritage Monument.

The modern city of Rhodes offers a wide selection of high-street shops, restaurants, cafes and bars that cater for every taste, an intense nightlife as well as unique attractions such as the Aquarium, the Museum of Modern Art, the Grande Albergo of the Roses hotel and the Ancient Stadium, right beneath the impressive Temple of Apollo, on the Monte Smith area where you can enjoy one of the most beautiful sunsets of the Aegean overlooking the western side of the island.

Outside the city, all three ancient city-states of the island Lindos, Ialysos and Kamiros can be visited: Lindos is a picturesque village with an impressive Acropolis with breathtaking views, Ialysos is a modern-day city and Kamiros is an ancient necropolis speaking of the glory of the past.
Furthermore, some interesting sights you shouldn’t miss are Kallithea Springs, the Valley of the Butterflies, the Seven Springs Valley, the Tsambika monastery and the mountainous village of Embonas, famed for its locally produced wines. Rhodes has also a lot of ancient castles, some of which are still standing to this day: a visit to Monolithos Castle will take your breath away with its history and amazing view to the endless blue.

The gorgeous island of Rhodes is an island of surprises; all you have to do is explore it…

Unique, alternative, multi-faceted fun!

It is said that Rhodes has a beach for everyone and indeed, on this sun-kissed island you will find a beach for every taste: from the golden sand expanses of Tsambika, Agathi, Pefkoi and Faliraki to the pebbled oasis of Afandou, Ialysos and Rhodes town or the quaint enclosures of Kallithea Therme, Antony Quinn’s bay and Glystra beach, you will easily find a beach to love.

Water sports aficionados will find many activity options on most of Rhodes’ beaches, such as Faliraki, Lindos and Tsambika, while Prasonissi, the southern tip of the island, is a surfer’s Paradise, with strong winds and steep waves.

If you wish to explore the island, there are many vehicle rental options, as well as guided tours with horses, quads, private boats and jeep safaris.

The hotel reception at Lindos Village Resort will be happy to assist you in renting or booking any of the above to ensure a seamless holiday experience that will create lasting memories.